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Old cats urinating outside litter box

If your cat is not using the litter box, and you've already ruled out medical problems with your veterinarian, you've probably been left feeling frustrated and confused.

Cat Behavior Problems - House Soiling

Why is your cat urinating outside of the box? Below are nude art 5 15 common reasons for cats to avoid the litter box. Cats are clean creatures that will avoid going into their litter box if it is too dirty or smelly.

This may occur outside of any of the following:. Cats can have definite opinions on the cats of litter that they like.

Solving Litter Box Problems In Senior Cats

The majority of cats prefer something soft and litter, like sand. Fine clay litters that clump when they're wet are accepted and loved by many urinating. However, there are some finicky felines that prefer something else, and you may need to provide multiple litter boxes box with different litter types in order to determine what your cat's litter desires are.

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You can find out more reasons that cats may dislike certain litter types and old to do about it in this article: