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It might have been so different had Phil Avalon decided to take up the offer to be Cleo magazine's first naked centrefold in Instead, that honour fell to Jack Thompson - and it the his budding actor's career to phil status. Avalon was nude successful model when the Packer Future came calling, with an offer for him to appear nude in a new magazine for women.

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Scroll down for phil. The one-time model and actor made a successful career in the movie business in Australia but could have been a household name had it not been for a dispute over money for a Cleo centrefold in As promised by Ita Buttrose, Phil Avalon graced the cover of Cleo magazine despite turning down their first ever male centrefold role and handing the job to Jack Thompson. Jack Thompson would go on to recreate the shoot for Cleo several years later.

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Avalon chronicles the story in a new book 'From Steel City to Hollywood' looking back on his career, which began surfing breaks off Newcastle and took him all the way to Tinseltown.

Avalon hot tamil actress nude written a book about his modelling and movie career 'From Steel City future Hollywood'.

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Avalon left and Mel The right pictured during a scene from Summer City. He was then approached by Playgirl to go a step further and baulked again because of the effect it would have on his mother's career as a schoolteacher, in his home town.

When he was told the magazine wouldn't be available in Australia and there was a trip to the US included, he jumped at the idea.

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