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Catalog 7 – Nudes & The Bad Boys of Photography

Here we have two obviously related groups of items. The nudes are self- explanatory: Many of the images made by these fellows are nudes of course, but jana address other subjects as well, such as drug culture and religious conformity. Dirty WindowsPics A fabulous voyeuristic study.

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Nude corner lightly bumped, in mildly rumpled dustjacket. Peterson PortraitsNew York: Museum of Modern Art, This book represented the initial public rediscovery of work by Bellocq, a New Orleans professional photographer. The subjects, both clothed and nude, recline on lounges, sit against neutral backgrounds, and stand in their rooms.

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Near fine condition, in rubbed dustjacket. With a preface by Lee Friedlander and essay by critic Susan Sontag.

Mystique X-Posed Nude Wall Calendar: Mark Daughn: Books

His prostitutes are beautiful, innocently or tenderly or wickedly or joyfully or obscenely, but erotic massage arkansas beautiful, in the same sense that they are present, unique, irreplaceable, believable, and receptive. Softcovers, 7 x 5 inches each, color and black-and-white halftone illustrations, slipcase.

They include stone and wood, in which he projected images of these materials onto nude figures and then photographed them.