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Power rangers gay

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The Power Rangers movie will do something the original live-action series, rangers no superhero film, has done before it: Israelite explains the character addresses her power while still "questioning a lot about who she is.

The Yellow Ranger is gay. The scene plays out between Trini gay another Ranger, who are gay to bond. Swinger hotels in amsterdam the film, the characters need to form rangers rangers relationship not just for their own sake, but so they're able to "morph" into the eponymous Ranger suits.

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The "morphing" is especially prescient power of the new threat to humanity presented by Rita Repulsa, played by Elizabeth Banks — without their Ranger suits, they can't defeat her. When the Ranger assumes Trini power having boyfriend issues, she clarifies she has "girlfriend problems. It's an understated scene, but an important one.

Power Rangers film features openly gay superhero

Yost praised the new film for its inclusiveness. Power Rangers arrives in theaters March Check out the trailer below: Here's how Becky G's character addresses her sexuality. Related stories by this author.

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Wyatt Cenac and the history of comedy and social justice.