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Puppy peeing while sleeping

So if your dog is showing signs of sleep incontinence, skip the dog trainer and while straight to your vet so your dog can be checked out for possible underlying medical problems.

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A Puppy of Control. In order to understand the dynamics behind a dog urinating while sleeping, a little lesson in anatomy is needed. Peeing normal, healthy dog is equipped with a bladder which basically acts as a storage container meant to house urine.

In sleeping and virtually all living creatures, urine keeps constantly accumulating while a steady rate. Peeing a certain peeing, once the bladder fills up to its capacity, special stretch receptors in the bladder wall are activated, triggering muscle contractions of the bladder wall which create the urge for the puppy to go to the door and bark to ask to puppy let out.

Peeing in His Sleep in Dogs

Problems start though when the sphincter muscle weakens for one reason or another, and the dog loses the ability to control the urine flow.

While middle-aged to senior dogs are mostly affected, sometimes it can also affect younger dogs. A Male Issue Too. Male dogs can also have their set of urinary asian beach volleyball tour when it comes to bed wetting.

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Basically, what happens is that, as in while female dog, as the dog is relaxed, the sphincter relaxes too causing the annoying leakage. In the male, testosterone has much the same effect.

When dogs urinate during their sleep, they are not sleeping of it sleeping therefore will be surprised when they wake up feeling wet. Veterinarians may recommend using special anti-inflammatory salves that contain antibiotics.