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Recovery anal gland surgery dog

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Anal Sacculectomy in Dogs

Not logged in Champdogs Information Exchange. Gland dmiller Date My boy, Indie, is a 4 year old cocker spaniel who recovery had problems with his glands all his life. The vet suggest removing them and we went ahead with the removal on Monday. It's now Friday and my wife and myself are at out wits end, we haven't slept and my daughter is staying with her gran as my boy is miserable.

Anal Gland Surgery Success stories?

He just lies in one place anal cries, won't walk gland, he can, just won't can't control his bowel surgery bladder yet and just ball fighters handjob like a beaten dog.

The neighbours hate us as he screams all night in the kitchen last night he dog through the kitchen door and baby gate to get to us upstairs and can't be consoled. The vets confident he's healing ok and isn't anal pain surgery he's on tramadol, antibiotics and steriod dog.

Has recovery has this done to thier dogs and how long was the recovery?