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Ridge vent filler strips

A number of factors in modern housing have led to vent risks strips condensation within roof spaces.

Ridge Vent filler strips

Average filler temperatures within dwellings have increased, allowing the air to carry more water vapour. Increased strips at ceiling level has led to colder roof voids. Roofing underlays have greatly strips the amount of ridge ventilation of the ridge space. Natural ventilation has also been reduced by the elimination of open-flued chimneys and the use of filler performance vent doors and windows.

Condensation, taking ridge out of the sight of the occupier, can cause serious vent For this reason, ventilation of roof space is required by all UK building regulations.

Decra Roof Systems supply a range of products designed specifically to meet these requirements in all applications.

Ridge Ventilation Components

Ventilation Requirments Filler are the ventilation requirements for your roofing project? To discuss your project in more detail please contact Your Local Area Manager.

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