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Sex in public toilet stories

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I took the long way home oops nude on tv I could stop by the public toilets in the park to read the things written sex the walls while stroking a quick load off, as I sometimes do. As I neared the old brick building in the far corner of the park I looked around and the only person in the park was a man on the other side of the park jogging.

‘public toilet’ stories

I skirted the fence and discreetly slipped inside the male side of the toilet. I entered the second cubical and closed the door behind me.

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The stall was filthy and had a foul, musty stories. The floor was wet and the walls and door were covered in messages left by men seeking sex.

Public Toilets - - - Wow!!! - Sex Stories -

I unbuckled my belt and ley my trousers and underpants fall to the floor. Sitting on the toilet holding public erect penis I read the messages toilet began to stroke.

The dirtystinking atmosphere of the dark toilet cubical aroused me and instantly brought me close to orgasm. I love being in a filthy and depraved public place where many others had masturbated, met other men and masturbated together, shared semen and probably fucked.