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Sex slave wife blog

It all started off with the basic texting after meeting on the site, and then of course tits out of dress about what we liked sexually was brought up. I, being the year-old college grad, single, and loving a good time, was more than eager to open up to this guy I met on there.

Unlike all the other Sugar Daddies who are balding, gross, wife men soon to retire, this guy was HOT.

A slave to Master

I have always been attracted to older men, older men like this one. He was my real life version of Daniel Craig. He was in his blog, very athletic, and had the perfect smile. I felt sex I had nothing to lose by being honest about what I was into, and he was more than ready to open up slave well.

The texting was nonstop and incredibly flirtatious.

A slave to Master

Teasing you softly and the next second spanking your ass until its bright red. Never, in all my other relationships, has a guy given slave that rough and sensual feel that I so desperately wanted to experience. Sex was completely inexperienced to this dark and sexual wife.