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Sex with a pornstar

This is how much sex porn stars have off set

Two recent studies explored the unanswered questions about this topic which is shrouded in mystery. Researchers quizzed women who have appeared in adult films to find out just how much action they get behind closed doors — and the results were very eye-opening.

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In the past year alone porn actresses reported having an average of 9. To put that into context, the average British woman has 7.

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But the sex number of people a female sex star beds off-set during her life pornstar is a whopping Thong ass milf to men who have appeared in at least one X-rated clip, they reported having an average of 8.

And while male porn stars might have bedded less partners than women during that window, they definitely made up for it over the course of a lifetime.

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The average with of off-screen pornstar partners male sex stars had all together was a staggering The number is even more shocking considering that the average British with has just Meanwhile a number of porn stars recently opened up about their pay packets to reveal what kind of money really changes hands for sexual acts on film. Porn stars revealed how sex sexual partners they really have Many people are curious about the lives of adult entertainers.