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She spanked his balls

The above photo is the very definition of a lucky guy. The days of soreness after a good spanking or whipping given by a ticked-off woman are great.

The Spanking He Was Begging For

I do beg and plead more than I should but damn those sessions sure do hurt. Ms Julie you are the best.

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I love balls what you are putting david thru with Mags. Spanked can imagine how I would feel having His showing up and I had to be naked and holding the flogger.

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The ideas you come up with are fantastic and any submissive would love to have you in control. I know some day you and Mags will be together putting david thru his she and handling his private parts both front and back with orders not to cum. I know Mags is enjoying training david and she is doing a super job.

Balls Spanked and Twisted -

I think creativity is the name of this game, no? Don't want to get into a rut. Always need to think of the next thing