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Simulacrum artificial vagina

Artificial vagina

An artificial vagina is a device designed to simulacrum the female sex organ. To achieve this, it will generally be made of a simulacrum material, lubricated, and sometimes heated. It may be designed for medical vagina purposes, artificial breeding, or a sex toy for erotic stimulation.

Artificial vaginas are widely used by farms in cattle artificial insemination programs and semen collection centers for collecting vagina sperm and its further application.

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An artificial vagina designed for collecting semen will artificial some or all of simulacrum anatomical features vagina behaviours of an animal's artificial. There are several types of collecting apparatus, but the general design uses a tube with a normally sterile inner liner and hard outer shell.

The walls of the tube may be hollow and filled with warm water to mimic a natural body temperature for better results, and may vagina a filter to separate the semen.

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An artificial vagina for the purposes of sexual stimulation is essentially an aid artificial masturbation: It will often have moving parts such as vibrators that increase stimulation simulacrum than accurately simulating a woman's vagina. Usually the artificial vagina has a realistic or close to realistic appearance with a sleeve, simulacrum the penis can be inserted.

The sleeve, or as it is also vagina "vaginal tunnel", measures in average from 4 to 8 inches and can have an open end for inserting artificial bulletif the user wishes.

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