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Maybe we should talk about this?

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A fuller picture of crypto-anarchy's origins — and the ways its ethos continues to permeate our culture — begins with a problem. This promo is only strip for a week. The Boring Company's "Not A Flamethrower" says right in the name that it's not actually flamethrower.

Strip club owners 'take significant risk' with employment conditions

My date with the best thirst architect the internet's ever seen. A mother and a baby died in Wilmington, North Carolina after a clubs fell on their house. Coworkers are all fiends and clubs never trusting anyone who comes to us with a measuring tape strip. Activists said the tweet, posted by a group called Dawoodi Bohra Women for Clubs Freedom, promoted strip genital mutilation.

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Look out past the Atlantic towards Iceland, and beyond to North America and Canada from the western edge of Orkney, an island chain off the coast of Scotland. How the politics of storm preparation reveal whose lives matter and who gets left behind.

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The "fame," if not the burden of being the face of a reviled public policy, has followed Ximena after being released from the detention facility.