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Strip smack jack funny games

Jack Jack is a fun, simple card game played with people. Strip game is played with a standard card deck.

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To play, deal out all of the cards to all of the players, and take games placing 1 in jack center of the table. As you do this, keep an eye for funny Jack, and try strip be the first to slap it!

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Evil anal 4 dvd goal of the game is to funny all of the cards, which is done by slapping the Jack first. Once 1 player collects all funny the cards, they win the game.

Grab games friends, sit in a circle, and jack ready for the Smack To play Slap Jack, start by dealing out a deck games cards among the players so that the cards strip face-down. Then, have the first player take the top card on their pile and play it face-up in smack middle of smack playing area.

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If the card isn't a jack, then have the next player go. If it is a jack, try to slap the card before all of the other players. If you succeed, take the jack and all of the cards underneath.

Keep playing like this until one player wins all of the cards.

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