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Thongs for teen

When I grocery shop, I find the peanut butter right next to the jelly.

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Because they go together. Two products people buy in tandem because you use one with the other.

G-Strings for Preteens

You see, retailers intentionally merchandise products of similarity near each other to make the shopping experience more fluid for the shopper. Life teen by fishing poles, thongs near the dish soap, lacy panties and bleach rangiku hentai game near the training bras….

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Did I spy with my little eye a lace and hot-pink python print g-string within an arms teen of the thongs bras? Then I took a step back.

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No other panties were closer, no discreet cotton bikini for Days of the Week or rainbows, just this wall of semi-trashy looking unmentionables. What struck me is how tiny and sexy they were. An entire wall, right next to for training bras.