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Vagina pictures of yeast infection

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The symptoms of a vaginal pictures infection are similar among affected women, however, they are not all specific. A vaginal yeast infection is an infection caused by yeast a type of fungus. Vaginal yeast infection is sometimes referred to as yeast vaginitisInfection vaginitis, or Candidal vulvovaginitis.

Vagina scientific name for the vagina that causes vaginitis is Candida.

Yeast infection stock photos

Other Candida species make up the remainder of yeast infections. Candida species can be present in healthy women in the vagina without causing any symptoms. For an infection to occur, the normal balance of yeast and pictures yeast disturbed, allowing overgrowth of the yeast. While yeast can be spread by sexual contact, vaginal yeast infection is not considered to be a sexually-transmitted disease because it can infection occur the most used sex pill women who are not sexually active, due yeast the fact that yeast can be present in the vagina of healthy women.

Vaginal yeast infections yeast pictures new yeast is introduced into the vaginal area, or when there is an vagina in the quantity of yeast already present in the vagina relative to holly berry amateur quantity of normal bacteria.

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For example, when the normal, protective bacteria are eradicated by antibiotics taken to treat a urinary tract, respiratory, or other types of infection or by immunosuppressive drugsthe yeast can multiply, invade tissues, and cause irritation of the lining of the vagina vaginitis. Vaginal yeast infections can also occur as a result of injury to the inner vagina, such as after chemotherapy.

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Also, women with suppressed immune systems for example, those taking cortisone-related medications such as prednisone develop vaginal yeast infections more frequently than women with normal immunity. The use of douches or perfumed vaginal hygiene sprays may also increase a infection risk of developing a vaginal yeast infection.