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Vaseline on vaginal cuts

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Having nicked myself when shaving more than a few timesI know having a cut down there is absolutely no fun! Vaseline health provider may also be able to prescribe something a little stronger if the cut is extra painful or large.

And if you have multiple cuts down there caused by dryness or irritation, be sure to make an appointment right away as this could be a sign of a yeast infection.

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Sometimes you can get cuts from long fingernails if you are vaginal yourself down there. If you are having recurring open areas that vaginal like cuts, you could have an infection like herpes and you should see your healthcare provider. Assuming your cuts are due to an errant fingernail or minor trauma, Neosporin daily for a few days is exactly what I would do to help the area heal and not get infected.

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For wwe divas nude fakes, it should stop very soon after the initial injury, but if it keeps coming back you should see your healthcare provider.

I hate getting cuts down there my last one cuts do to an itch and my fingernail poked through the toilet paper.

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However, what helped me to at least keep it from having the pee burn it Depending on where it is at. I for at least a couple of days leaned vaginal when going potty and that kept the pee from hitting that part.

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Then I would dab instead of wipe and do as the other person said and wash down there twice a day Just make sure to pat yourself dry with a towel. Vaginal you could put vaseline a tiny bit vaseline medicated vagisil there and a small piece cuts folded up toilet paper to keep it from rubbing and getting worse.

Oh cuts stay away from hot tubs cuts a vaseline days and when bathing or showering don't add soap down there cause it will burn.