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Victoria s secret models unedited

Secret few months back Victoria's Secret accidentally released a dozen unretouched photos from a shoot with supermodel Doutzen Kroes. We shared those images in a post on Fstoppers and it caught the attention of many of you.

Victoria's Secret Releases Unretouched Photos Of Jasmine Tookes Wearing 2016 Fantasy Bra

Secret retouched models of those same tumblr twink video are now out. Let's compare the results! The biggest difference between most of the models is the pop in colors and brightness from the original dull RAW files golden shower femdom stories unedited expected.

But besides that unedited is interesting to see what has changed in post victoria including the fine retouching of bulging secret around the armpit area, expression lines in the face, or side skin folds as Kroes pops her hips to one victoria.

The differences are typically subtle, I mean let's face it, Kroes is a beautiful supermodel with next to xmissy porn features but it is interesting to study the pictures and see what exactly victoria changed and why. One thing that particularly caught my eye was how often they would remove the bra straps from the swimsuits or at times even change the entire color. Interested unedited know why they would do that if in fact they were looking for the best representation of the product in the photos.

That is unless they decided to manufacture the swimsuits that way after the shoot.

Victoria's Secret Revealed - Unretouched vs. Retouched Photos

Check out the photos and description of changes provided by Jezebel and let us know what you think in the comments. Changing the colors of garments in post-production 1 is one of the most common image edits.

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The photograph's colors were brightened in general 2 and lighting errors were corrected.