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Vintage sunn amp

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TweedbucketMar 27, Log in or Sign up. Mar 27, 1. Didn't they mostly make bass amps? Mar 27, sunn. Not great like vintage Marshall amp of the same time vintage but not like a Fender either.

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Loud but nothing to write home about if my memory serves sunn correctly. Mar 27, 3. The Sunn vintage Lead" was a kick-ass little amp particularly since it was Ampbut the tube heads like the "" and the "Model T" sunn the ash heap of history for good reasons - with the main reason being joyce mandel nude amp just could not hang with the Marshalls of the day Mar 27, 4.

My understanding from reading, not being part of the scene back in the day amp that the Sunn amp ancestry came from more of a hifi approach