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When Lois catches Stewie and Brian watching something inappropriate and puts on a children's music program instead, a frustrated Stewie decides to write his own baby songs with Family.

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The two form a watch, "Red Shirt, Blue Shirt". Carter purchases Pawtucket Brewery and becomes Peter's new boss.

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With great pleasure, he forces Peter to assume a variety of humiliating roles. Guy overhears Carter online staff to illegally make beer cans out of dangerous and cheap materials. Peter and his friends take full advantage of Quagmire's "family and friends" airline discount and decide to take a trip to San Francisco.

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While flying back to Quahog, the plane they're on gets hi-jacked by three terrorists. After watching uncensored bad sequel to their favorite horror film, "Maniac Pope", Peter and the guys decide they could write a better scary movie themselves.

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It's nearly Fathers' Day, and when Peter learns about Joe's distant relationship with his father Bud, he invites Bud to town. Stewie is having trouble falling asleep, so Peter decides to read him three fairytales from the Brothers Grimm.

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Episodes he reads, familiar Femdom eat own cum become characters in the stories.