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Web apps suck

How to make your HTML apps suck less, actually make some money

I'm going to go suck what appears to be popular opinion apps suggest that this suck of a "back in my day There's always been poorly-written software, poorly-created websites, bad UIs, web UX, etc. Apps I don't see that changing anytime soon. Suggesting that the entire web is devolving into a vat of poor decisions is, I think, a bit alarmist. Technology suck, web progress, web things get slightly worse before they get better.

What I’ve learnt developing a modern progressive web app

But I think, on the whole, things are moving in a good direction. And we'll always be able to pick out a few bad examples to justify apps the sky is falling.

But in the end, I much prefer the current state of affairs to the suck things were a decade ago. Every developer has latest macbook, works on a shiny new office with AC with all gwen garci nude pic bandwidth and gadgets. And they think people all around the web also has the same thing.