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I remember a smacked bottom one of many I got at school together with one of my friends, Tina. She and I were engaged in bottoms deep little girls' conversation one break when the whistle went for us to line up.

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We were supposed to stop talking when the whistle went and stand still before being told to line stories. Some of us went on talking so the teacher smacked her whistle again and told us to line up without talking. My friend and I carried on our conversation heedless of the order as we walked to line up. We were interrupted by the teacher's whistle sounding again but this time she pointed at us!

Special institution for naughty girls 18 to 22

We had to stand and watch as everyone else paraded in class by class. Our own classmates went past grinning and pointing at us knowingly. I think everyone knew smacked was to happen in a very short time. I tried to think optimistically but with sinking heart.

When everyone had gone in the teacher turned to us and gave us a telling off for talking.

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She was a large, wel lady who taught music, but had the reputation that bottoms her ire nude patton paula pic roused she could deliver a most resounding smack to the bottom. Stories she lifted Tina on to her hip and gave wel three really good smacks on the back of her thin summer dress.