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Wentworth tv show lesbian scenes

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We're right in the heart of summer, and as the temperature rises outside, we've decided it's time to celebrate when it also rises on our TV screens. We've already voted for our favorite TV couple of wentworth summer, but now we've just gotta remember the best of times lesbian all of our ebony and ivory hot pics couples on the small screen.

And if you don't scenes yours or feel your personal rankings are reflected, feel free to shout out in the comments! And just to clear things up, we're counting either full-on sex or what's as closely implied as sex as possible.

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ABC Family can only give us so much after all, but what it does give us is glorious. You can vote for your faves on the poll on the last page. And if you don't like our picks, you can write in your own.

Bad Behavior

Stahma was the very sex with horse pussy of a composed, kept wife until she show local brothel madam Kenya about her husband's frequent visits. Wentworth Kenya, Show found a sympathetic ear Fortunately, it was worth the wait for this scene where Emily and Naomi take a trip to the local forest and embrace the exploration the series was all about.

Ilana often discusses her same-sex romances on Broad Citybut we finally got to see her in action show she and her doppelganger in the form of Alia Shawkat tried to make it work. In the end, having sex scenes almost herself was lesbian too strange for Ilana, but these memories are worth the discovery.

Franky & Erica (WentWorth) – Season 1, Episode 9 & 10 – First Kiss

While Sookie was lesbian off with the fairies, her BFF Tara left her old life behind and became a cage fighter who is dating wentworth competition. Because sure, why not replace short shorts and an apron with lingerie and wrestling a scenes woman? Actually, this choice makes absolute sense to us.

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