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What is pre computation plan in cadastral

Plan this course you will learn about the theory and process of Cadastral surveying. This will include the laws relating to the cadastral of land, cadastral surveys for the re-establishment definition of property boundaries and preparing plans and reports and other cadastral documentation.

It is therefore a core topic area for those students intending to proceed, after graduation, to pre Licensed Surveyors and thus qualified to perform and certify cadastral surveys.


On completion of this course you should be able to: Compute cadastral boundary re-establishments and apply the principles contained in the Property Law Act to the re-establishment of Crown computation. Explain the role of Land Victoria in the operation of the Torrens land title system in What. In this course you will be actively engaged in lectures and tutorials together with a series of field projects.

The field projects have been designed to apply the knowledge you gained lesbian face sitting gallery lectures and provide you with experience in current cadastral surveying practice.

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You will also complete assignments which apply concepts and principles of topics covered in lectures. All lecture and tutorial material and assessment tasks, as well as audio recordings, will be on Canvas LMS. The assessment tasks are designed to foster employability skills eg.

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Learning resources provided by the School, Victorian legislation and key government websites will be used as required and appropriate. Furthermore we like you to note these recommended references:. Other recommended reading will be provided during the lectures.

A library subject guide is available at: