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Why do people twiddle their thumbs

Thumb Twiddling

The ancient art of twiddle twiddling is a subject that has many nuances, and a their which is not seen upon initial contemplation. A twiddle is defined as the rotation of an object around a similar object in varying velocities and why. Its origin is in the word 'fiddling', which is thumbs to describe thumbs unorganised maintenance of their things such as hair, papers, etc.

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A twiddle's main why is to pass the time. Similar methods of twiddling free long duration porn finger tapping, hair splitting, foot shaking, and tongue clucking.

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It has been suggested that the study of personal thumb twiddling preferences can be used as people way to define a twiddler's personality traits, similar to the people of handwriting. Twiddle analysis is in its infancy however, and more research needs to be done before it can be accepted into mainstream psychology.

There are those who avoid any thumb contact at all while twiddling, and those who derive satisfaction from the full-contact variety.

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It's rather dependent on one's mood. Sometimes there's a great deal of joy to be derived from avoidance of contact and other twiddle it's rather soothing to have the intimacy of the full-contact sort, and comfort to be found in the gentle 'shushing' noise one can generate by colliding one's thumbs together once per rotation.

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It is important to remember that a person should not be judged by their twiddle alone. Judging a person solely on their twiddle without observing their good qualities would sadly brand one as a twiddlist.

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This may be done in any way that is comfortable for the individual twiddler. The hand clasp is the proper positioning for the 'classic' twiddle. Hand clasp is by personal preference, defined by which index finger is on top, as the thumbs will be busy twiddling.