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Naomi always fantasised about bedding two guys — this is what happened when she did.

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Two guys, one girl threesomes are still taboo. When I was in a four-year relationship, my partner and I often discussed having a threesome. Hence, neither of us wanted to partake in the other's fantasy, so it never got beyond dirty talking in bed to get each other off.

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However, sometimes when I masturbated the quickest way to orgasm was imagining myself sexually ravished by two guys. He cheri oteri office slut to bring another girl into our bed, I wanted another guy. So neither of us got what we wanted.

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After we broke up inI was drinking too muchpartying too hard and having heaps of sex. It felt as if I wanted to fuck my ex and his betrayal out guys my system.

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It's interesting when you start having lots of different partners, your boundaries change, and you become more open to broadening your sexual experience. I was single, I was free, so I decided to fulfil my long-held fantasy of sleeping with two woman at the same time.