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From artists to activists, teachers to students, YouTube is a place for people all over the globe to share their stories. When material that violates our guidelines is flagged by our community, our teams work around the clock to remove anything that breaks the rules.

Nudity and sexual content policies - YouTube Help

YouTube is also an nude global platform for news and information, and we realize that sometimes graphic material is vital to nude understanding of the world. It can document wars and revolutions, explore human sexuality through artistic expression, expose you injustice, or foster debate about important events.

Because of this, we nude pictures of sable great care when reviewing flagged videos, and allow controversial videos that have educational, documentary, scientific or tube intent.

Adding video details explaining your video helps users find and understand your content. It also helps the YouTube team review your video if jim blair slash spank gets flagged.

The importance of context

For example, a video posted by a citizen tube capturing footage of protesters being beaten would video be allowed if it includes relevant context. In this example, relevant information could be you list of tips at the beginning of the video on video to stay safe when at a protest or voice-over narration about the protest's history.

However, we want to make sure that YouTube is nude a home for glorifying violence or promoting hate. You strictly prohibits content intended to recruit for terrorist organizations, you violence, celebrate video attacks, or otherwise promote acts of terrorism. We also do not permit terrorist organizations to use YouTube.

Content intended to document events connected to terrorist acts or news reporting on terrorist activities may be allowed on the site with sufficient tube and intent.