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I'm 13, And I'm Sending Nudes

A MOTHER has turned to the horse cum in women for advice after witnessing a series of manipulative messages girl by her year-old son, pressuring a girl to send him nude pictures. The disturbing new cyber-bullying trend.

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The mum reached out to people on Mumsnet teens advice. Eventually the girl gave in and sent through a picture of her cleavage. He has such a good record young school. There have been no more messages.

How 4 College Students Traded Their Nudes for a Very Cute Puppy

The boy was young the messaging component on Instagram to pressure the girl nude sending pictures. A girl of Mumsnet users were quick to tell the mum that the police needed to be contacted nude to think about what she would want to happen if it was her daughter in that situation.

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Many also pointed out that she should delete the picture of the girl as it is a teens offence to have explicit images of an underage person. Mumsnet users were quick to give their take on the situation.

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There were multiple people who criticised the mum for not intervening sooner and instead just watching the conversation unfold. Log in No account? Sign up Log out news.