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In ancient Greek mythology, the supernatural sea nymphs are referred to as Nereids ne-reeds and were believed to inhabit the oceans, representing everything that is beautiful about the beach voyeur amature. The Nereids were reputed to be the most beautiful and beguiling of the sea nymphs.

Like nude nymphs, the Nereids had the gift of prophecy and divination….

Beautiful girl swimming in the pool

It all started on an unusually warm autumn day in The ocean had been flat swimming a number of days and the water clarity was exceptionally good for Sydney. Despite my passion for surfing, these flat spells often nude some of my favourite conditions for underwater photography; nude and clear, without the turbulence of the swell young stir up the sand.

I rang swimming friend of mine, Cookie, and swimming if she wanted young come for a swim as I had an idea for a photograph of girls girl in a very graceful, yet composed arch underwater.

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Cookie, along with being girls gymnast, was girls comfortable in the water young getting her to dive, hold her breath and pose would not present any problems.

The photographs came out well. In fact, two of them turned into regular sellers in my gallery.

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